Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Moroccan youth at school

Dutch Report has video of a Moroccan student attacking his teacher in a school in the Netherlands:

At the schools in Holland there are many problems with Moroccan youth. Most do not finish their school education and there are many stories about violence against teachers. The teachers do not receive any support from their management or the police. Thing is, Dutch schools, are not allowed to remove aggressive students. They can only try to get him on an other school, but other schools are also not waiting for an aggressive student. Last year, one student, even shot a teacher through his head, fellow student went on the streets to demonstrate to support the murderer.

Now Dutch language blog GeenStijl offers a real class room recoding, in which a Moroccan student demands respect from his teacher. Click here to see how aggressive he is and how afraid the teacher is. The boy wanted to visit mister Smith, but the teacher does not allow it. The boy then shouts: "get up, get up, ...." and "let's go, let's go,...". They found the video clip on a well known forum Maroc.nl (a subsidized Moroccan website with much antisemitic and anti western postings)

Show Video Clip

Weblog GeenStijl.nl informs us that the student in the movie is removed from the school by police officers. The name of the school is ROC-Gildevaart in the city of Nieuwegein (near Utrecht). The school says the teacher handled the situation very professional and calm: an example how we like people to handle in incidents like these. They do not want to forbid the use of camera phones in the school. The school sees the movies as an educational tool to start a discussion around the incident.

A ROC school is a practical education that has the lowest standing of all other forms of education. They are the most dangerous schools and in the cities the majority of the students is from immigrant families.


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