Friday, April 29, 2005

Democratic governor leads nation in restoring felons' rights

Christina Bellantoni:

Virginia Gov. Mark Warner, who has returned voting rights to more felons than any other governor in state history, also leads the nation in restoring felons' rights.

Mr. Warner, a Democrat, has restored the rights to 2,157 felons since taking office in January 2002 and has denied the requests of 134 felons.

Among governors of the 14 states that deny voting rights to felons, Mr. Warner has restored more voting rights than any other chief executive, according a report from the Sentencing Project, a District-based criminal-justice advocacy group.

"When you look at the number of recent restorations from other governors, there's nobody who is really even close," said Ryan King, research associate for the Sentencing Project. "Governor Warner has been at the forefront of really using his restoration powers responsibly and quite frequently."

Several grass-roots organizations yesterday announced a campaign to aid 10,000 convicted Virginia felons who want to vote again. The coalition of groups, based in Virginia and in the District, will urge Mr. Warner to restore the right to vote to thousands of eligible petitioners before he leaves office in January.

"Right now, we're making a major push," said Sandra Brandt, one leader of the effort. "We see the opportunity with Governor Warner. It's time — this is the time to really put some pressure on to try to get it done."

Felons who have their rights restored are allowed to vote, run for and hold public office and serve on juries.

I guess Democrats have no choice but to restore voting rights to criminals since fewer and fewer law-abiding people are willing to vote for them.


At 1:28 AM, Blogger The Sovereign Editor said...

Don't automatically assume someone is a bad person because they are a felon. To do so is to commit the composition fallacy. The sad reality is that we are all just one mistake away from being felons ourselves. The federal laws on the books to which criminal penalties attach are so numerous that no one knows how many there are. If memory serves, though, it's more than 20,000.

That being said, I agree with the main thrust of you post, which is that the leftists in this country do everything in their power to make sure that predators get to vote. The predators all know what side their bread is buttered on. Having the democrats (the leftist/socialist variety, not the Zell Miller variety) in power makes their work easier. Leftists don't want us to be able own weapons, or even to defend ourselves. This makes us easier to prey upon. If that weren't enough, the leftists are eager to plunder the fruits of our labor and give them to people who abuse the system -- usually canny predators who can smell a handout from 3,000 miles away.

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