Friday, April 29, 2005

The European Union and Islamic immigration

James Lewis:

Ordinary people from France to Sweden are under assault by a new underclass of angry, resentful, and often violent Muslim youths. In France they live in vast housing projects into which police are afraid to go. They are dead set against democracy and tolerance for others. Instead, they want to turn France into an Islamic theocracy. With rising immigration and high Muslim birthrates, that will happen soon enough. Fear has therefore gripped the French middle class. When Jacques Chirac’s government defended Saddam Hussein at the UN, it did so in good part because it was frightened of its own Muslim population.

Normal people have understood the dangers of uncontrolled immigration for a long time, but the power class simply sneered at them. They forbade the collection of crime statistics for different ethnic groups, so that today North African youths roam the subways of Paris, mugging victims without fear. The police are useless. Demographic trends now point to the extinction of ethnic French culture in only a few decades. France is becoming Muslim, yet Brigitte Bardot was prosecuted simply for telling the truth.

Today the European Union is planning to raise Turkey to full membership, which would turn a steady stream of immigrants into an unstoppable flood. Border control will disappear. While most Muslims are probably fine people, a violent minority can always terrorize a passive majority. In US history, when Italian immigrants started to come in large numbers, most were peaceful, hard-working, and became great contributors to our nation. But along with them came the Mafia, which has never been completely uprooted. So it is with violent fanatics in Islam.

Also the Mafia did not believe that they were on a mission from God unlike the violent fanatics of Islam.


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