Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A convicted Somali rapist with a long history of violence in Canada has been ordered deported once he finishes serving a prison sentence

CBC News:

Mohamed Hagi Mohamud

Mohamed Hagi Mohamud had previously been convicted of serious crimes that could have led to his deportation. But the system failed to catch up with him until he was arrested for a third time.

Last year, the Somali-born refugee was handed a 4½-year sentence for brutally raping and beating Erika Martyn in Surrey.

Martyn went public with the harrowing details of her ordeal, voluntarily giving up the court protection afforded rape victims, in hopes her story would encourage immigration officials to deport her attacker.

Martyn says she would never have been attacked if immigration officials had been doing their jobs properly.

She notes she wasn't Mohamud's first victim, that he was convicted in 2002 of assault with a weapon and in 1997 with assault causing bodily harm — both deportable offences.

Instead he was on the streets, and simply failed to show up to immigration hearings.

Mohamud's lawyer, Marvin Klassen, won't say whether his client will appeal the decision to the federal courts.

Even if he doesn't, it will be years before Immigration Canada can deport him. He must complete his jail sentence before being removed from the country.

Mohamud came to Canada in 1992, but never became a Canadian citizen.

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At 6:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some Canadians still seem to be under the impression that their immigration authorities are looking out for their interests; however, this is not so. They are more interested in establishing their bona fides vis-a-vis politically correct racial sensitivity, which means bending over backward for immigrants, most of whom are, of course, non-white. Even to the point of looking the other way when it comes to criminality.


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