Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Immigrant found guilty of killing his girlfriend

Local London:

AN ILLEGAL immigrant who murdered his girlfriend after discovering she was on the Pill is facing life behind bars.

Kirk Reid, of Honor Oak Road, Forest Hill, strangled 27-year-old Michelle Napier with a phone cord after finding out she was not pregnant.

Police found her semi-naked body in her home in Bermondsey lying next to a razor blade and the phone cord on September 1 last year.

Reid, aged 28, had denied murder but was found guilty at Southwark Crown Court on May 26 and warned he faces a life sentence.

The court heard the mother-of-two was working at Manley Court Nursing Home, New Cross, and sending her earnings back to her mother in Jamaica.

She started a relationship with Reid, who had no previous convictions, and he began telling people she was pregnant.

Prosecutor Sallie Bennett-Jenkins told jurors: "He told his cousin Lisa but she was surprised as she had seen her friend taking the contraceptive pill."

Sentencing was adjourned until June 30 for a psychiatric report on Reid, who has an IQ of just 69.

An illegal immigrant from Jamaica murdered his girlfriend after discovering she was on the Pill


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