Wednesday, August 02, 2006

British wedding saved as Muslims forgo fun day

Richard Alleyne:

A theme park that was embroiled in a row after booking a white wedding during a Muslim "fun day" has been saved from further embarrassment by poor ticket sales for the Islamic event.

Alton Towers had been criticised by Scott Lee, 30, and his fiancée Amanda Morris, 31, after it told the couple that they and their guests would have to cover up in line with Islamic dress codes and would be unable to go on the rides together.

The couple, from Leeds, who spent £5,000 on the ceremony, said the restrictions would ruin their big day on Sept 17. But yesterday it emerged that the Muslim fun day had been cancelled because of poor ticket sales despite an extensive advertising campaign by the organisers, Islamic Leisure.

Miss Morris, a recruitment sales adviser, said she was delighted with the news although she felt sorry for those who had bought tickets for the rival event.

She said: "We are so pleased with the decision. It won't affect our day any more and we can get excited about the wedding again now. Alton Towers has even given all the guests free tickets on the Sunday, I think as a way of apologising for the stress."

Theme park's Muslim event dropped

Muslim fun park day flop


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