Thursday, August 03, 2006

Religious leaders in Rome have united against the mock-crucifixion featured in US pop star Madonna's latest show

BBC News:

In the sequence, Madonna appears on a giant cross wearing a crown of thorns.

Father Manfredo Leone of Rome's Santa Maria Liberatrice church told Reuters news agency it was "disrespectful, in bad taste and provocative".

Muslim and Jewish leaders have also raised objections. Madonna performs in Rome on 6 August ahead of six further dates at London's Wembley Arena.

The 47-year-old received similar complaints during the American leg of her Confessions world tour, with one critic accusing her of "blatant insensitivity".

The singer has defended the imagery by saying it forms part of an appeal to her audience to donate to Aids charities.

"Being raised on a cross with a crown of thorns like a modern Christ is absurd," continued Father Leone. "Doing it in the cradle of Christianity comes close to blasphemy."

Mario Scialoja, head of Italy's Muslim League, told Reuters Madonna would "do better to go home", a sentiment echoed by a spokesman for Rome's Jewish community.

Madonna has invited controversy before, notably with her 1989 Like a Prayer video, which featured a black Christ-like figure and burning crosses, and a 1993 tour in which she simulated masturbation on stage.

Will Hollywood and the American media attack Madonna they way they have been attacking Mel Gibson? Somehow I doubt it.


At 3:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Deep down, I think Madonna is a devout, hard-core Catholic. She just doesn't know it yet. However, the Modern Tribalist is correct. Abe Foxman will not be calling for her head. She is sufficiently "edgy" in her religious expressions.


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