Wednesday, August 02, 2006

British police were stunned when their massive raid on suspect Islamic bombers in Forest Gate turned into a chilling child porn probe

Lucy Panton:

Mohammed Abdul Kahar

Their week-long search of the house uncovered no explosives or chemical weapons—but officers unearthed a haul of vile kiddie sex pictures on the family's computer.

After forensic investigation they now plan to arrest and quiz 23-year-old Mohammed Abdul Kahar, who was shot in the shoulder during the police swoop on his east London home.

The News of the World can reveal that Scotland Yard has already consulted lawyers from the Crown Prosecution Service who have recommended charges be brought.

A CPS source said: "This isn't what officers expected to find when they were searching the computer files.

"The child pornography has been graded ‘high level' and the images are extremely disturbing.

"These are very serious offences and will be treated like any other case of its kind."

The computer was found after 250 officers stormed Kahar's family home in Lansdown Road on June 2 following an MI5 tip-off that there was a deadly cyanide bomb on the premises.

At the time we exclusively revealed how police said Kahar was shot when his 20-year-old brother Abul Koyair scuffled with one of the officers and made a grab for his firearm—which then went off.

The officers involved have now officially detailed this to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

Both brothers were arrested in the raid, but they were later released when extensive searches of their house and the property next door revealed no trace of any terror device.

Meanwhile the seized computer was being examined by IT experts and forensic teams.

They found the horrifying collection of kiddie porn pictures which have now been handed over to specialists at Scotland Yard's Child Abuse Investigation Command SCD5.

Last night, when asked about this dramatic new twist, an official Scotland Yard spokesman said: "We are not prepared to discuss anyone we may or may not want to interview.

"Whilst there is an ongoing investigation it would be inappropriate to comment on any property seized which continues to be examined by the Metropolitan Police Service."

But a high-level inside legal source revealed: "The files have been closely studied because of the sensitive nature of this inquiry.

"There is strong evidence to support charges."

Officers are expected to question mail worker Kahar in the next few days.

Anti-terror cops are continuing to investigate why the brothers had around £30,000 cash hidden in a bedroom.

During questioning neither would reveal where it came from.

UK: Forest Gate Muslim in Child Pornography Probe


At 3:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The case has been thrown out of court due to the weak nature of the evidence.


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