Friday, August 18, 2006

Spain's Canary Islands can no longer cope with the soaring number of illegal immigrants arriving from Africa

BBC News:

Regional government chief Adan Martin called on the Spanish authorities in Madrid to form an emergency cabinet and provide more aid.

He told Spanish radio 16,400 African migrants had arrived in makeshift boats since the beginning of the year.

This number is more than three times higher than for the whole of 2005.

"We're on red alert and can't carry on taking responsibility for accommodation and medical care of immigrants," Mr Martin told Cadena Ser radio station.

"Everything has a limit, and every time it gets nearer. In some areas I think we've already reached it."

French police evict 500 people from squat, including many illegal immigrants

Police evict Africans in raid on France's biggest squat

Paris police shut 'biggest squat'


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