Friday, September 29, 2006

More black-on-black crime in Britain

Life Style Extra:

Two teenagers were shot in front of dozens of screaming young children as they queued inside a McDonald's restaurant.

Dozens of terrified youngsters and their parents ran for cover inside the crowded eaterie in Brixton, south London, as a gunman opened fire at 5.30pm.

The two 17-year-old pals had been queuing for food when one of them was shot in the chest and the other in the arm. The gunman - described as a black man, just over six foot tall - fled on foot.

The youth shot in the chest was fighting for his life while his pal was described as "stable" in hospital.

Detectives from the Met's Operation Trident, which investigates black-on-black gun crime, are probing the incident.

Police are appealing for witnesses.

Det Con Luis Martinez said: "The venue was very busy at the time of the shooting and those present - including families with young children - were shocked and terrified by this violent attack.

"We have only a brief description of the gunman at present - he was black and approximately 6ft 1in tall - but if anyone saw the incident or the suspect making off, we need to hear from you.

"It is believed the weapon was a handgun. The suspect made off on foot down Rushcroft Road and into Saltoun Road, heading towards Railton Road."

Boys 'stable' after McDonald's shooting

McDonald's shooting victim stable


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