Friday, September 22, 2006

Murder in Canada's Afghan community

Jon Willing:

DISBELIEF FELL over an Ottawa intensive care unit yesterday when police announced they were hunting the brother of a young woman who was shot to death at an east-end mall.

Ottawa police said last night they considered Khatera Sadiqi's 20-year-old brother, Hasibullah Sadiqi, a suspect in the shooting that killed the 20-year-old woman early Tuesday morning.

Police said Hasibullah Sadiqi should be considered armed and dangerous. Along with a picture, they released a description of the type of car the suspect drives -- a grey, two-door 1992 Mazda 323.

This morning police said they are trying to reach out to Afghan communities outside the Ottawa area in an effort to find Sadiqi.

The shocked and tired look on Hameed Mangal's face yesterday spoke volumes for the dozens of family and friends who poured into the Civic campus of the Ottawa Hospital to comfort him and his family. His brother, 23-year-old Feroz Mangal, was in a coma after being shot with the same gun that killed Khatera Sadiqi.

Feroz Mangal and Khatera Sadiqi had been engaged for about six months before a shooter pulled up to Mangal's Honda just before 1 a.m. Tuesday at Elmvale Acres Shopping Centre and riddled the inside with bullets.

Sadiqi, who was in the driver's seat, was killed when a bullet struck her head. Despite taking multiple shots to his body, including his neck, Mangal survived but was still in critical condition last night.

Const. Steve Desjourdy said detectives have been conducting numerous interviews and investigators were able to identify a suspect.

Detectives are "looking at everything" when it comes to possible motives for wanting to kill the young couple, Desjourdy said. Police are also awaiting official results from ballistics and an autopsy, he said.

Speculation about why police consider Hasibullah Sadiqi a suspect began to snowball yesterday, but some people said the local Afghan community has been talking about the couple's upcoming marriage.

Hameed Mangal said he heard Hasibullah Sadiqi had issues with the relationship.

"He wasn't happy because they were engaged," Hameed, 24, said.

The possibility of Khatera Sadiqi's death being related to an honour killing baffled Hameed as he tried to relax in the hospital's emergency room last night.

Police name brother as suspect in fatal shooting


At 5:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Infact, it's shocking hearing that Mr. Hameed Mangal, despite being an Afghan, is baffled in the possibility of Khatera Sadiqi's death being related to an honour killing by her brother.
He knows it better that in Afghani culture it's really dishonoured to keep the to-be-bride girl in your home before marriage.

At 3:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is Canada.

At 9:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's right, but they are still Afghans.

At 11:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And both families are very modern.
Khatera was a lovely young lady who would have been at home in any "stereotypically Canadian" home or business. Murder is murder. There was no honour in this. What is truly damaging, however, is the other young Canadian Afghans who are finding themselves explaining, over and over and over that they are muslim, and thus peaceful and forbidden to commit such atrocities. These young men and women, 14-25 years of age, are just as shocked and appalled as any other Canadian - but people expect them to be somehow heartless or supportive of this action. Bad enough to have your community hurt and bereft. Worse to have ignorant people shooting off their mouths about how you should have expected it, because that's what your people do.
Born in Canada. Raised in Canada. Or are the only ones allowed to value their cultural roots irish and french?

At 9:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

we know that its not in afghan`s culture to be in future husband`s home before marriage but how to to live in a family in which every one is divorsed like father- mother, aunts, auncles, even grand father who is 70+ .is this in afghan`s culture? or its Canada? or its called an extremely bad family background wich ended two young`s lives. that`s right mangal family should have got them married, however the solution was not in two kids dead. their must have been a good way of solution by negotation and by gathering some elder people which is the real afghan culture. If siddiqi`s family thinks they are modest so how about hassib`s mother who got married with canadian? did she wed- lock( nikkah) or is a conjegle partner of him.

At 10:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ur right both families should have talked to eachother and solved the problem. that would have been the only way.

At 5:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

im sure this artical was posted long ago but i just found out about this tonight since im thousands of miles away. my heart was totally broken to hear this, there are 3 lives totally lost now. i knew about hasib from my younger sister and had always heard good things about him and how he took care of his two sisters. the real tradgy is that he came from a broken home. i think if there is anyone here to be blamed is his low life mom who abandoned her kids when they were lil kids. How can she live with herself, i have never wished such thing for anyone but i hope the mother burns in HELL. i feel for all three young adults who were involved in this. Also i want to mention for those who sit here and say this is Canada this and that we'll just because u leave your country doesn't mean u loose your honor and dignity. Im not saying what happened to these kids is right but what this Mangal family also allowed is and was wrong,okay if you guys had forgotten you were afghan because you are in Canada but did you also forget that u are muslim because this is not allowed in islam to have two ppl who are not married live together. and for those who might come back and say Canada is not a Islamic country, well news to those who might say this. living together unless you are married is forbidden in Bible and Torah.

At 9:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

After reading all the comments now i realized how judgmental we Afghans are. Not even knowing the reality we have started to blame or finger pointing towards a family. Reality is not known to media, reality is not known to Afghans who live in the community but reality is known to Almighty and to the family who have suffered.The worst thing for a muslim or any right human being would be to say something that is not true and then blam it on someone else. reply to couple of comments who have stated to defend Afghan culture. You guys dont know the reality as to why the girl was living at Mangal's house. Dont we so called "Afghans" not know that if a girl or any body gets assylum to a family is obliged to keep the person and protect his or her dignity? whats a better way to protect a lonely girl who has been discared by her family and all close relatives? Is it a sin to keep her as a daughter of the family, as a sister of the family and as the future daughter in law of the family? who knows about the inside stories of Mangal family? Did any one of you knew that mangal family was arranging for a wedding??? ofocurse not,that mr who is defending afghan culture lives very far but still judging as if he is very wise and has the knowledge of the situation. non of you who are out there not even know a single bit about the situation that mangal family went through. Our Afghans will never learn and will never stop talking off thier ass, (pardon my language). if you guys have to talk in person dont hesitate to email me.

At 10:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

to all those people who said that her family abandoned her....let me tell u something they didnt...her dad sent her bak to her mom for a visit so she doesnt6 grow up and say that her dad never let her see her mom...when she was there her mom told her stories...those stories made her stay with her the end she got engaged came bak to ottawa...nobody in the family said she couldnt cum bak to family....she could have...they would have talked to her if only they had seen her or got a chance to talk to her...and i know all of this bcuz i am am her first cousin and i was the only person in this family tht had contact with her...she told me herself that she didnt want to see the family...but she wanted to talk to my dad [her uncle] but she never got a chance my point is before anybody can point fingers...maybe u should know the whole story.

At 11:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the girl who is claiming to be the girls cousin(victims) may (Allah bless her heaven), i know you and i have seen you, and to be honest your probably not aware of the entire situation, i have left my email in the above comment let me know if you want to discuss this in detail.

At 5:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

May God forgive those who deserve da forgiveness...

At 7:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

her first cuzin is right.she went back 2 her mom with her sis and they stayed there.her mom never abondoned her children,she loved them very much and she still does.if u dont know the whole story then dont go around telling every1 sumthing else.

At 11:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just dont get why people dont think twice before they say something about someone. Dont be talkin about Afghan Culture We all Know How Afghans are so we Dont have the right to point fingers at anyone just Look at your own self . None of you guys out here knows what the real situation was. but "Us" afghans . All i am gona say is that Please dont be Talking about Mangal's Family when you dont know the Facts. God Bless Mangal Family and May Allah Bless the two Souls

At 11:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

let's pray to God to bless two young souls heaven and give both families patience to live through such a big ...pain may allah give them ( saber ) i do realize that no body knows the fact except God and the involved people,but one thing i should say is that when a called muslim does a voilent action and kill some one or when young muslims forget their religion, and hung around as boy friend and girl friend, so please don't blame islam for their bad deeds and don't judge islam according to muslim because most of we muslims are ingnorant. i should say that we believe on God and we know that those two young couldn't live longer thier time was up. I want to say to the girls family, we were shocked to hear that a father will not allow his daughter to marry her boy friend, she made her decision and your honour could be reserved only if u got them maried and make a haram relation halall (not by killing ). About Mangal's family i want to say that yah according to the so called afghan culture u were allow to let her stay in ur family but with an urgent nikah. the wedding party is for celebrating and wellcoming the bride,when the bride is in ur family than what is the party for ? i hope i am not offending any one but the fact r there

At 11:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Muslim peopel should teach their kids the right path of islam,in order to live peacfull lives with dignity honour and respect, for me love is the name of respect,sacrify

At 11:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am surprize the kids want to get married and have a lawfull relation but the parents prevent them from their own rights which God gives to them and chose to send them to grave
allah burned them in hell ( only those who cause this incidence)

At 7:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all whoever says that Hasib's mom abandoned her kids is totally wrong she never ever wanted to abandone her kids today she is broken into pieces. I know both families from long time ago and I also know hasib very well. In all this its his father he told his son to murder the sister, he is the one to be blamed for he really never cared about his kids. He is a maniac about four years ago he went to pakistan and got married with an 18 yrs old girl who had the same name as his daughter is unfortunatly not here today. He was not good man at all he kept his children away from their mom for so many years. He always blamed their mother of having afairs with other man when he was the one having affairs with different woman. Unfortunatly his wife had to stay away from her children because the law had told her to do so due to all the lie's that her husband had told the police. Anyway I just want to cry sometimes when I think about this whole thing because it is heart breaking to know what I know about this family, I wish I didn't know anything then it would have been easier. Hasib's father is really happy just recently he got married with another girl from europe I heard. I mean look at this maniac if I was him I would have killed myself after losing my 3 children. There is a lot that I know but unfortunatly nothing can be done now its too late.

At 11:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think this situation in it's entirety is disgraceful but more so the fact that so many people want to put in their comments who have no idea what they are talking about.
I am glad someone had enough courage to bring up the face that Hasib's father is responsible for raising his son with violence towards women and it was him who neglected the children not their mother. At the trial she was obviously extremely emotional and with good reason, she loves and cares for her children.
I was not aware that Hasib's father had married an 18 year old though.. and he thought what his daughter did was disgraceful..

RIP Khatera for your grace will live on. My heart goes out to the Mangal family and to the Sadiqi family may peace be with you.
Hassib-may Allah heal your broken soul

At 10:43 PM, Blogger Samim said...

I don't know any of the families nor I live close to them, but I am aware of an important fact of this story. THat is, One young Afghans girl lost her life, and other young Afghan boy is in a critical condition. I hope he is good, and nothing is wrong with him. But the remember all, the source of the problem is in the parents of both the girl and the boy.

At 11:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

how do i get in contact with the afghanistan community here in ottawa? i am new to the area. i am a social worker from vancouver. i would like to learn the language, culture and food of afghanistan. i dont think we can ever began to understand or empathize if we didnt get to enter the homes of the 'other' and share in their hopes, desires, fears and dreams...
if you have a contact for me, please email me at thanks


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