Monday, September 11, 2006

A Sudanese refugee raped a 16-year-old girl four times then forced the girl's friend to rape her three times

Melissa Jenkins:

The court also heard that Hakeem Hakeem took amphetamines for the first time before raping and bashing a 63-year-old woman in her home the day after raping the teenager.

Hakeem went on a sex-crime spree just a month after arriving in Australia and then told a church worker he thought he was an evil person for what he had done, the Victorian Supreme Court in Melbourne court was told.

Hakeem, 21, formerly of Dandenong, arrived in Australia with his family on February 9 last year.

On March 10, Hakeem and another man raped a 16-year-old girl at a scout hall in Dandenong, southeast of Melbourne.

The following day, Hakeem raped and bashed a 63-year-old woman in her Dandenong home, leaving her with fractured eye sockets, a fractured nose and wounds to her back and arm.

Prosecutor Michele Williams said Hakeem choked the elderly woman and slashed her throat twice.

“She thought she was going to die,” Ms Williams said.

“After he had slashed her throat with the knife she begged to be taken to hospital and gave the prisoner $100.”

In Dandenong the next day, Hakeem raped a 16-year-old girl four times and forced the victim's 16-year-old friend to rape her three times.

He threatened both teenagers with a razor blade and scissors, and cut their hair so he could take a sample with him.

Last month, a jury found Hakeem guilty of one count of each of rape and false imprisonment in relation to the March 10 attack.

He pleaded guilty to a range of offences relating to the other two attacks, including rape and intentionally causing injury.

Today, Hakeem's lawyer, Greg Connellan, said Hakeem told Sister Mary O'Shannassy from the Catholic Prison Ministry that he was an “evil person”.

“My world is dark, I did a terrible thing, I never feel happy,” Hakeem told her.

“What I did I will carry all my life with me.

“To say sorry is not enough.”

Mr Connellan said that as a child Hakeem witnessed his grandfather's slaughter in southern Sudan.

After Hakeem's family fled the civil war in Sudan for Egypt in 1999, they were the victims of discrimination and violence, the court heard.

Mr Connellan said Hakeem had asked him whether he would be executed by electric chair.

“He is a man who has had a very difficult life,” Mr Connellan said.

“He has been subjected to violence that most of us will fortunately never come across.”

Mr Connellan said his client's crimes were not premeditated and he had taken amphetamines for the first time before the attack on the elderly woman.

He said at the time of his offences Hakeem was depressed about his girlfriend and one-year-old daughter not being able to come to Australia.

'Evil' rapist's violent life

Student guilty of three rapes


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There are so many of the barstards in the dandenong area, next time I see one alone at night I'm taking revenge.


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