Thursday, October 05, 2006

Firms from China and India are most willing to pay bribes abroad to do business

BBC News:

Anti-corruption group Transparency International (TI) put the two countries at the top of its Bribe Payers' Index of 30 exporting nations.

French and Italian firms were named as the worst culprits for paying bribes in low-income countries.

TI said its survey showed that efforts to introduce anti-corruption laws had yet to slow the problem.

"It is hypocritical that OECD-based companies continue to bribe across the globe, while their governments pay lip-service to enforcing the law," said TI chief executive David Nussbaum.

"The enforcement record on international anti-bribery laws makes for short and disheartening reading."

The annual survey, which complements TI's Corruption Perceptions Index measuring the apparent readiness of countries' officials to accept bribes, used responses from more than 11,000 businesspeople in 125 countries.

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