Tuesday, November 07, 2006

An American interest group argued in a New York Times ad that the U.S. Congress is in thrall to the Israel lobby


The Council for the National Interest Foundation argued in a full-page ad that the pro-Israel lobby helped spark the Iraq war and is now trying to “sell another” war with Iran; and is backing the “destruction of Lebanon” and the “agony of Palestine.”

It also accused members of Congress who support pro-Israel legislation of “selling their vote.”

The ad, which also promoted the foundation’s new DVD, ran on the weekend preceding Tuesday’s midterm elections.

The Times States There Is an Israel Lobby, Then Demonstrates Its Strength

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Breaking the Silence


At 11:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does the CNIF have any proof of this? I am simply asking. I really doubt that the pro-Israel lobby helped spark the war against Iraq. If they indeed had that much power, why not use it to have demolished Syria and stop the US from sending pmoney to the Palestinians (which I have hope we have stopped doing). The real issue is not the Israel lobby, but the fact that we as a nation refuse to get serious about islam. So we try to be friendly to some nations and tough on others. Too much carrot and not enough stick. We send 2 billion to Egypt every year too, but there is still plenty of "aid" flowing from Egypt into the Gaza Strip. So if the Israel lobby choose Iraq as the #1 problem, I'd say that their priorities are all messed up. They have real enemies much, much closer. The real peoplle who destroyed Lebanon are muslims, especially the PLO and Hezbollah. The agony of palestine is self inflicted and having the Palestinians in a miserable state is advantageous to Israel's enemies like Syria and Iran. The Palestinians are too stupid or don't seem to care that they have been and still are a tool of their fellow muslim brothers. If anybody is selling their vote to anybody in Congress it is to the pro-imigration lobby, but that is another post.


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