Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Barbers in the main town of Bajaur in north-west Pakistan have been warned to stop shaving off customers' beards because it violates Islamic code

BBC News:

Several barbers in Khar received leaflets warning of "consequences" if they continue to shave off beards. The leaflets were not signed.

Bajaur borders Afghanistan and there are fears that the region is becoming dominated by pro-Taleban militants.

Beards were compulsory under the Taleban's hardline Islamic code when they ran Afghanistan.

"This is to inform those people who are in violation of the Prophet's tradition by shaving people's beards that if they don't stop they will be responsible for the consequences," the leaflet said.

Residents told the French news agency AFP that around 20 barbers shops in Bajaur's main town of Khar had hung out signs promising not to shave off beards.

"The barbers feel scared," a barber in another Bajaur town told Reuters news agency.

"Ninety percent of their business was based on shaving beards. We virtually have no business now."

Suspected Islamic Militants Warn Barbers


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