Monday, February 05, 2007

Spiritual leaders of the Ethiopian Jewish community have called for an end to the aliyah (immigration) of the Falash Mura


The Kessim (“Kohanim”) and rabbis said that the arrival of the Falash Mura has led to a drastic increase in missionary activities among the Ethiopian community.

The Falash Mura are descendants of Ethiopian Jews who were forcibly converted to Christianity over a century ago. An additional 7,800 Falash Mura recently requested to immigrate to Israel. According to leaders in the Ethiopian Jewish community, many of the Falash Mura have returned to practice Christianity since arriving in Israel. They also do missionary work among Ethiopian Jews. According to the leaders, “the missionary activity crosses red lines, and is likely to incite the community and lead to bloodshed.”

MKs to demand Bar-On reconsider pace of Falash Mura immigration

A Further 7,800 Falash Mura Ask to Immigrate to Israel from Ethiopia

'Like cows in the cowshed'

Ethiopian Demonstrators Charge Interior Ministry Building

Ethiopian integration into Israeli society is proving an arduous process

Ethiopians eager to get to Israel


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