Friday, March 09, 2007

Maryland: A cauldron found with a human skull and some bones inside may be part of an African religious ritual

Associated Press:

Residents discovered the cauldron last week in a wooded area near Conowingo. Inside the cauldron were a human skull, two human femurs, toy handcuffs, turtle shells, a cross, feathers, a plastic skull, animal jaw bones, purple and red cloth and two small statues.

Police said they were contacted by Jennifer Rose Emick, an expert in alternative religions, who told them the items were similar to those used in an initiation ceremony by practitioners of the Palo Mayombe, a religion originally from the Congo region of Africa and brought to the Americas by enslaved men and women.

The cross is not representative of the Christian faith but signifies positive energy, Emick said. She said the handcuffs suggest that the ceremony involved the warrior god Sarabanda. That god is associated with industry, iron and technology. The items also might have belonged to a Palo follower who died. After the practitioner died, friends or family could have placed the objects in the woods, said Emick, who conducts an internet Web site and blog on alternative religions.

Sheryl Walker, a spokeswoman for the coroner's office, said criminal activity has not been ruled out and examinations are being done on the bones to determine cause of death. An anthropologist also is examining the bones.

Skull, cauldron thought to be spiritual


At 5:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great. Guess I can't walk the dog down there anymore. I don't want to end up in somebody's stew or have my head shrunken. What a bunch of savages. They thought is was spritual? It is negro vood mumbo-jumbo.

At 7:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Every now and then, someone finds voodoo stuff like this in Central Park. But the story I remember best was when some island blacks sacrificed a chicken on the courthouse steps to that they would win in court. I bet Sarabanda looks like the big black guy from the James Bond Movie Live and Let Die. Guess I'd better stop making fun or someone will put roots on me!
Check this:

Close enough!


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