Thursday, April 12, 2007

Denmark: A Moroccan has been sentenced to 3-1/2 years in prison on charges of inciting Muslims to jihad (holy war)

Martin Burlund:

Said Mansur, who had been under arrest since September 2005, was accused of producing and distributing material containing "inflammatory, jihadist speeches" under anti-terrorism laws introduced after the September 11 attacks on the United States.

"The evidence was indisputable," said judge Jens Stausbol from Copenhagen City Court.

Mansur was not stripped of his Danish citizenship, thus avoiding deportation to his native Morocco when he completes his sentence.

He smiled and shouted "Allahu akhbar (God is great)" as he left the courtroom. His defense attorneys said they were considering appealing against the verdict.

"It really gives you something to think about, that it's possible to be convicted when you are so far away from the crime," said defense lawyer Gitte Juul Jensen. "It's starting to get political when you compare Islamism and terrorism."

In February, another Copenhagen court sentenced a Danish Muslim youth to seven years in prison for planning an attack in Europe, while clearing three others of similar charges.

Four Muslim men in Denmark's third-largest city, Odense, were charged last month under anti-terrorism legislation, accused of plotting a bomb attack in the Nordic country.

Denmark: Islamist Is Jailed For Inciting Terrorism

Moroccan-born Dane sentenced to prison for promoting terrorism

Jail for Moroccan-born Dane who incited terrorism and to killing Jews

"Dane" gets 42 months (no, not years) for inciting terrorism


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