Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Norway: The two Somali Muslims arrested for the assault of Kadra were convicted criminals who were to have been deported

Jonathan Tisdall:

The expulsion order came in connection with their committing a series of robberies and assaults in 2003, newspaper VG reports. The decision was appealed, and they were allowed to remain in Norway.

One of the Somalians, a 24-year-old man, was sentenced in 2004 to five years in prison for six robberies, assault, attempted robbery and giving false evidence to police. The man was arrested after Kadra recognized him from a security camera video at a downtown Oslo 7-11.

Three men and three women are still wanted in connection with the public beating of Kadra, who became a celebrity in Norway for her part in a documentary revealing the support of female circumcision by Muslim religious leaders.

Kadra recently spoke out about the need for the modernization of the interpretation of the Koran's views on women.

Kadra Noor Was Beaten Up By "Expelled" Somalians

Men arrested over Kadra attack 'expelled' in 2004


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