Thursday, May 03, 2007

The best-known goat in Sudan has died months after being married to a man in the South Sudan capital, Juba

BBC News:

Local elders ordered a man found having sex with the goat, called Rose, to pay a dowry and "marry" her last February.

"The idea was to publicly embarrass the man," says Tom Rhodes, editor of the Juba Post, which first ran the story.

The BBC's story of the "wedding" caught the public imagination and became one of the best read internet stories.

Rose had a male kid - "not a human one" - Mr Rhodes said, hastily.

Charles Tombe said he was drunk at the time but has since refused to comment on the issue. The kid is owned by Mr Tombe.

Rose, black and white, is believed to have died after choking on a plastic bag she swallowed as she was eating scraps on the streets of Juba.

Man made to marry goat


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