Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mistrial declared in the case of an illegal immigrant accused of rape


It now appears the sexual assault trial of an illegal immigrant will be moved out of Limestone County.

He’s one of two men charged in the rape and stabbing of a teenage girl who was left for dead.

It was a brutal crime that shocked the Limestone County community.

According to investigators, Javier Guzman Martinez and Noel Darwin Hernandez approached an 18-year-old girl outside a strip mall in Mexia.

Police said they later ran her off Highway 171, then kidnapped, raped and stabbed her, before leaving her for dead near Coolidge.

Jury selection was set for one of those men Monday, Noel Darwin Hernandez.

Just before 11:00 Monday morning, 30 possible jurors were sent home from the courthouse, because a motion for mistrial was granted.

Attorney’s said they couldn't find enough possible jurors who hadn't heard about the case which may not give Hernandez a fair trial.

"We need to keep it fair. If they can't find a proper jury here, then go ahead with a change of venue," Limestone County resident Arthur Nutt said.

Regardless of where it happens, and what the jury's verdict is, most residents are hoping for one thing: "traditional American beliefs. They want justice for what happened," Mexia resident Wendy Burks said.

If the change of venue motion is passed on July 20th the first day of trial will be July 30th in Freestone County.

Javier Guzman Martinez pleaded guilty earlier this year to the attack, and is now serving a life sentence.

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