Friday, July 06, 2007

Police have announced that they have arrested a suspected serial rapist who is wanted for crimes that occurred as far back as 2003


Victor Lamar Davis Jr.

NBC11’s Ethan Harp reported 24-year-old Victor Lamar Davis Jr. is suspected of at least eight sexual assaults and one sexual battery in Marin and Solano Counties.

Harp said at first, police had hoped to solve one case involving two women in San Rafael. Now they believe he was involved in up to seven more incidents in Vacaville.

San Rafael Police say on June 22, Davis snuck into a home armed with a gun, tied up two women, sexually assaulted one, committed sexual battery on the other, stole their credit cards, and left.

Officers say the key to breaking the case and connecting it to a number of cases in Vacaville was the discovery of a car in the neighborhood near where the San Rafael assaults happened.

“Two of our detectives came over to Vacaville following up on the contact of the registered owner, which was Mr. Davis,” said Alan Piombo of the San Rafael Police Department. “(They) described to Vacaville Police Department the nature of our crime and they immediately recognized the similarity to the MOs in their series that they had had for the past three to four years.”

Police arrested Davis in San Diego, Harp said. They have not explained what led them there, or why Davis was there.

Harp said the state crime lab has come back with DNA results testing positive in several of those cases. Police said Davis was being held without bail and will be brought back to Marin County in the next couple of days.

Officers said most of the victims were in their 50s or 60s.

Victor Davis Jr. has not been formally charged, although the district attorney is planning to do so, according to Harp.

Serial Rape Suspect Under Arrest


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