Thursday, April 27, 2006

Las Vegas racial hate crime

Lindsay Patterson:

Demarcus Smith, 18, was arrested in connection to the attack on an MGM Grand employee Daryle Williams, 18, was the first suspect arrested in connection to a 18-year-old Avery Slocome 18-year-old As'Ryen Brown

Two suspects who police say were involved in last week's beatings at the MGM were in court this morning.

As'Ryen Brown and Avery Slocome made their first court appearance since being arrested in connection with the case.

According to a police report released on Tuesday, four suspects and one juvenile all admit to their role in the beating of an MGM Grand employee. Although no on has been charged with a hate crime, police are now saying that the beatings may be racially motivated with a possible gang connection. Police say they found items in some of the suspect's homes that suggest gang activity.

As police continue their investigation, seven arrests have been made in response to the April 15 attack outside of the MGM Grand.

"They're looking at some serious charges and we'll take a hard linked on these individuals. These crimes were senseless," said Clark County District Attorney David Rogers.

The police report gives insight into what happened that night through interviews with the suspects including DeMarcus Smith.

The report said:

"He picks out see him brutally beat the victim with upper cuts and hits to the face and body. It is seen that DeMarcus then stomps on the victim while he's on the ground in the fetal position literally jumping up and down on him in the head, face, feet, and the torso of the victim."

Cimarron Memorial senior As'Ryen Brown also admitted to being one of the attackers.

"Brown gave a detailed statement of his involvement in the incident stating that during the beating he stood in the back of the landscape..."

The report also said that he chased after the victim and that's when he and another suspect, Avery Slocome, beat the man with their belts.

"Slocome stripped off a white plastic belt used to hold up his pants. Slocome used this belt to whip [the victim] on his back four or five times."

Both Slocome and Brown turned themselves in to police over the weekend. The police report raises another point:

"It should also be noted that all of the victims in every event were all white. I asked if it was for fun. They stated no. They could give me no legitimate reason other than that I could figure that this is a hate crime."

Police say they are looking into the possibility of it being a hate crime, but District Attorney David Roger says in time the truth will come out.

"If there is sufficient evidence to prove it’s a hate crime -- we'll charge that as well," Rogers said.

The suspects are facing charges of Conspiracy to Commit Battery, Battery with Substantial Bodily Harm, Conspiracy to Commit Burglary and Burglary.

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