Monday, June 19, 2006

More problems for Nifong in the Duke rape case

Doubts About Duke

DA ought to hand off case

Nifong and the Blogs

Shifting the Goalposts

Durham Republicans to Challenge District Attorney Over Duke Case

Duke Rape Case: Concerned Americans, Let NC Hear From You!


At 11:58 AM, Anonymous Betty Friedan said...

Okay before I thought Mike Nifong was an idiot because he spoke before knowing all the facts, but now I’ve come to realize that Nifong doesn’t care about facts, at least facts that conflicts with his, which is everything from the DNA to the rape exam.

Because misandry feminist have been reacted so irrationally about this false rape claim, I recently tried to inject levity into my comments (i.e. see below), but there’s nothing funny about a DA acting with such negligence and gross contempt for justice. Nifong must be a misandry feminist too.

“I love cherry pie, but I don't like cherry picking. Some people are trying to claim that the defense attorneys are cherry picking, but more rational people claim Nifong is the champion cherry picker.

But much of the information Mike Nifong leaked wasn't so much cherry picked as it was artificially created. (i.e. date rape drug, his reasoning of no DNA match, etc...).

Maybe Nifong is just clumsy and trying to make a pie, which would explain why he has egg on his face.”

At 10:18 PM, Blogger betty said...

Funny story

I was discussing the Duke Rape claim on this feminist blog site, and this woman was claiming it’s all about women enduring the pains of oppression like she having to shave her pubes before putting on her bikini to ride her bike at the beach, the resulting stubble irritates her skin which is all a part of being forced to live in a patriarchal society of rape and female oppression.

I told “Ms Kate” if you don’t want to shave your thick pubes, then don’t! It’s as simple as that! Just comb a part in it to not confuse any birds trying to fly in! Sheesh! You claiming an oppressive patriarchal society is forcing you to shave your pubes? You’re oppressing yourself!

At 3:32 PM, Blogger betty said...

It's not fair that women can make and accusation that cause so much pain and destruction. Feminist have changed public policy to the point that denies the fair treatment of the accused in the courtroom.

Today's rape shield laws make it almost impossible to defend unless you're super rich, that's why the FBI discovered that over 33% of convicted rapist were wrongly accused and imprisoned, some innocent men spent over a decade in prison for rapes they didn't commit, before being exonerated by DNA without even an apology.


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