Friday, September 22, 2006

Nigerian police in the northern state of Jigawa have arrested 25 youths after violence erupted between Muslims and Christians in the state capital

BBC News:

At least six churches and dozens of shops were set on fire.

The state authorities believe the trouble began when a Christian market trader insulted the Prophet Muhammad in the presence of a Muslim customer.

Protesters gathered outside the palace of the chief official in the district, demanding the woman be punished.

Police said many Christian residents had taken shelter in the police barracks.

A curfew has been imposed on Dutse, Jigawa's state capital, and the town is reported to be calm after Wednesday's riots.

After rumours spread that the female trader had blasphemed against the Prophet Mohammed, police used teargas to disperse the demonstrators, which prompted groups of youths to go through the town attacking and looting shops and burning some church buildings.

Nigeria: Muslims Burn Churches Over "Blasphemy"

Churches Burned as Muslims Riot in Nigeria Over Pope Remarks


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