Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Low IQs are Africa's curse

Denis Campbell:

The London School of Economics is embroiled in a row over academic freedom after one of its lecturers published a paper alleging that African states were poor and suffered chronic ill-health because their populations were less intelligent than people in richer countries.

Satoshi Kanazawa, an evolutionary psychologist, is now accused of reviving the politics of eugenics by publishing the research which concludes that low IQ levels, rather than poverty and disease, are the reason why

life expectancy is low and infant mortality high. His paper, published in the British Journal of Health Psychology, compares IQ scores with indicators of ill health in 126 countries and claims that nations at the top of the ill health league also have the lowest intelligence ratings.

Here are some of Kanazawa's findings:

In the paper he cites Ethiopia's national IQ of 63, the world's lowest, and the fact that men and women are only expected to live until their mid-40s as an example of his finding that intelligence is the main determinant of someone's health.

Having examined the effects of economic development and income inequality on health, he was 'surprised' to find that IQ had a much more important impact, he said. 'Poverty, lack of sanitation, clean water, education and healthcare do not increase health and longevity, and nor does economic development.'

The LSE declined to offer any opinion on Kanazawa's conclusions but defended his right to publish controversial research. A spokeswoman said: 'This is academic research by Dr Kanazawa based on empirical data and published in a peer-reviewed journal. People may agree or disagree with his findings and are at liberty to voice their opinions to him. The school does not take any institutional view on the work of individual academics.'

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At 10:57 PM, Anonymous Big Bill said...

Can you imagine the heel on earth that Israel is creating by letting black Africans from Ethiopia into Israel as Jewish immigrants? Check out today's JPost: Ethiopians rioting.

Schadfreud for me baby. Here we have Israel, full of 110-115 IQ Ashkenazi Jews adding at least a hundred thousand 63 IQ Ethiopian Jews to their country (before they frantically pulled the plug on that program to keep their retard counsins out, that is!)

After all the Ashkenazi demonstrating in the 50's and 60's down South, with their sanctimonious attitudes, sneering at the evil, racist white gentiles, just imagine, now THEY have to deal with the problem! And (morons that they are) THEY engineered it 100% themselves by importing Ethiopians by the planeload -- at least until the smarter Jews realized what a stupid mistake it was and prevented further importation.

So the next time a Jew talks to you tut-tutting about the evils of racism, ask him, "Whose racism? Yours, or ours?"

At 5:15 PM, Anonymous Ahrimahn said...

The LSE declined to offer any opinion on Kanazawa's conclusions but defended his right to publish controversial research

Nice to see that there is at least one academic institution that is not controlled by politically correct loonies.

At 12:07 PM, Anonymous Finn said...

More on Satoshi Kanazawa's research:

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