Thursday, November 16, 2006

Wide differences in test scores between white, black and Hispanic students in the San Diego Unified School District

Helen Gao:

About half of the fourth-and eighth-graders in the San Diego Unified School District lack a basic grasp of earth, physical and life sciences, according to a federal study released yesterday.

Science literacy in 10 large urban school districts across the nation, including San Diego, is below the national average and needs significant improvement, the study found. Analyzing results from national tests conducted last year, the study found major achievement gaps between ethnic, racial and socioeconomic groups.

Forty-nine percent of fourth-graders and 57 percent of eighth-graders in San Diego tested “below basic.” White and black students were separated by 35 points in test scores, and white and Hispanic students by 40 points. The gap between affluent and poor students was 28 points.

CPS kids lag badly in science

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