Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Archbishop of York has condemned Muslim extremists as no more than criminals

Steve Doughty:

Dr John Sentamu said religion, poverty or prejudice were no excuse for killing.

"It doesn't matter what god you worship - if your god is sending you to maim and kill people, I say to myself, 'what kind of a god is that?'" he said.

Dr Sentamu added: "I am quite sure some people feel alienated from main, successful Britain, but again I would like to say alienated people do not necessarily resort to acts of violence."

The tough line from Dr Sentamu - number two in the Church of England hierarchy - amounted to a ringing rejection of the arguments that terrorism is inspired by "Islamophobia" or by British military intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It added to a series of criticisms he has made in recent months of multiculturalism, the Left-wing doctrine which encourages different ethnic groups to develop separate interests, and his calls for more respect for British history and traditions.

UK: Archbishop Says Islamists Are Like Criminals


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