Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Britain: A black activist has had his conviction for a racist offense upheld

Paul Stokes:

Earlier this year Harold "Ruggie" Johnson, 42, was found guilty of using racist and threatening behaviour towards two white traffic wardens. And yesterday Sheffield Crown Court upheld his conviction and awarded a further £440 court costs against him.

Johnson runs The Monitoring Group North, which claims to promote race relations. Last week he released CCTV footage to the media that showed Pc Anthony Mulhall striking Toni Comer, 20, who is of mixed race, five times as she resisted arrest.

Johnson claimed it was like something from the American South and drew comparisons with the Rodney King case that sparked the Los Angeles riots.

The court heard yesterday that on Dec 16, 2005, when Johnson spotted the traffic wardens putting tickets on illegally parked cars, he shouted: "This is our patch. Go back up Ecclesall Road and do your white aunties and uncles."

In his defence Johnson said: "My purpose was to make them aware of the situation. They were the only two white people in a predominantly black area and were seen as a source of oppression."

Activist loses court race appeal

Black activist loses his own race insult appeal



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