Friday, March 09, 2007

Britain: A radical Muslim has been found guilty of inciting murder over cartoons


A radical Muslim demonstrator was found guilty on Wednesday of two counts of inciting murder at protests in London last year against cartoons in a Danish newspaper which offended many Muslims.

Abdul Muhid was the fourth Islamist convicted at separate trials in London since last year over the protests, at which demonstrators chanted "bomb, bomb Denmark" and "bomb, bomb USA". All four will be sentenced later this year.

Prosecutors told the Old Bailey criminal court he had handed out placards at the demonstration calling for beheadings of enemies of Islam.

The unusually angry protests -- at which some demonstrators held placards praising the Islamist suicide bombers who killed 52 London commuters in 2005 as the "fantastic four" -- led to a political uproar in Britain and worldwide attention.

They came at a time of demonstrations and riots throughout the Muslim world over the Danish cartoons, which many Muslims found offensive.

Muhid remained emotionless as his conviction was announced. His lawyers had argued he did not intend to spur violence.

In the previous three trials, Umran Javed, 27, was convicted of soliciting murder, while Mizanur Rahman, 23, and Abdul Rahman Saleem, 31, were convicted of inciting racial hatred. Mizanur Rahman faces a retrial on a count of soliciting murder.

Cartoon protest man found guilty


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