Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Don Imus, Al Sharpton and African-Americans

Klaus Rohrich:

The suspension by CBS and MSNBC of Don Imus’s morning show over some insensitive things Imus said is a blatant example of the double standard to which society appears to be placidly subscribing. In the land of the free and home of the brave, where the first amendment guarantees everyone the same degree of free speech, there are certain things that those of the Caucasian persuasion are not allowed to say. And if they do say certain things, then their punishment is swift, vicious and unforgiving, regardless of any apology that may be proffered, as the hapless Imus has just found out.

Imus was referring to players of a black women’s basketball team as “nappy haired hos” on his radio show when the wrath of God descended upon him. God’s wrath came to Imus in the form of the Rev. Al Sharpton, arguably the most racist person in America, who demanded that the talk show host be fired for his impolitic remarks. And in true form, everyone caved to Sharpton’s ridiculous demands.

So what is it with all the hip-hop rap stars raking in millions with “songs” about their “bitches and hos”, rhapsodizing over misogynous and racist behavior and freely using the “N” word, while people like Sharpton engage in a deafening silence. Is it okay for black men to say these things about black (or white) women, but it isn’t okay for white men to use these terms? Do black people have a patent on racial epithets that when used by people of other races constitutes a copyright infringement?

It would almost appear to be the case, given the degree of outrage aimed at Imus for his unfortunate commentary.

But let’s look at the other side of the coin, shall we? I recall a certain firebrand civil rights leader referring to New York City as “Hymietown” because of its large Jewish community and there wasn’t nearly the degree of shock and outrage as that displayed over Imus’s words. I would venture that this nameless civil rights leader’s remarks were much more “hateful” than Imus’s, as they were used to impugn an entire ethno-religious group that has long been persecuted. Yet today this civil rights leader is still out extorting money from corporations with threats of racially based boycotts unless certain donations are ponied up.

Then there is the case of the Rev. Louis Farrakhan, leader of America’s Black Muslim movement, who is constantly ranting about “the evil Jew” to his parishioners. Shouldn’t some sort of action be taken against the hateful invective emanating from him? Or is it because Farrakhan is black that he is exempt from the standards of deportment that apply to the rest of society.

More alarmingly, for Sharpton to insist that Imus be fired, is a pure case of the pot calling the kettle black (no pun intended), as Sharpton himself has his own history of racist misadventures, not the least of which is the Tamara Brawley affair, which found Sharpton a willing collaborator in the attempted framing of a group of white men for the non-existent rape of a black woman.

People like Sharpton make their living keeping the fires of racial hatred burning and acting as an apologist for racist acts and words that emanate from their own community. In fact, there is a school of thought that maintains it is impossible for African Americans to be racist, as they have been victims. To them acts of racism can only be committed by whites.

So long as we all agree to this sham we are establishing a double standard that does a disservice to both blacks and whites. It’s time that the likes of Sharpton be exposed for what they really are: cynical race baiters who thrive on keeping hatred and mistrust between the races alive.

Imus apologized. Enough already.

Apology Inappropriate


At 8:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Al Sharpton should go work at Fox News. You know the network that presents biased, slanted news to fit a particular viewpoint? The network that cares not one whit about fairness or honest/ Al Sharpton is the worst thing to happen to the black community since Bull Connor. He makes blacks feel we are all victims of something when all he wants is attention. Power baby, all he wants

At 8:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is it that black America loves to feel victimized? What Don Imus said was stupid. Don't like to hear him? Then don't listen. Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Rill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity say worse things all the time about anyone they don't like and you don't hear blacks getting all upset about that.

At 8:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When three white Duke lacrosse players were arrested on charges of raping a black woman, there was the Rev Al Sharpton leading a crusade for justice. THen when the case began to fall apart, when it appeared the district attorney was only using black rage to get re-elected, when the so called victim kept changing her story, when it appeared these three kids were being railroaded by the prejudice, where was big Al then? Why not come to their defense? Because they are white and Sharpton would never defend an innocent white person.

At 8:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll make a deal with those wanting Don Imus to be fired. NBC can get rid of him but Al Sharpton has to go also. Sharpton is a real bigot. Imus may just be a dumb, insensitive cracker, but Sharpton is a manipulator who stirrs up racial hatred to promote his own agenda: that is making Al the big power broker.

At 12:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why should Imus apologize to Al Sharpton? His record isn't exactly pristine. Maybe everybody should apologize to Al Sharpton.

At 3:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I must be the only black man on Imus' side right now but I don't care. Over the last week I have been watching the television in disgust as Al "I have my hair permed so it looks like a white man' Sharpton attempts to talk for the entire race yet again. This in my opinion shows how weak minded my own black people are now lets be practical if this was a black radio host saying those blond bimbos from the San Diego volleyball team would there be an uproar.... NO. So lets see here what part of what he said was racist "nappy headed" OR "hoes". Last I checked when black people don't spend have their day focused on their hair it is naturally thick coarse and yes NAPPY so how is that racist. If you call a white person's hair bone straight is that offensive. And last a check anyone can be a hoe so where is the controversy. Al and Jeese need to march every time there is less than a 80% attendance rate at the PTA meetings of black schools or maybe march every time a black man kills another black man, until then he needs to SHUT THE FUCK UP white people will never respect black people until black people respect each other.

At 5:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

These comments are so predictable. Typical White people and a few out of touch 'om-is-free-now- wanna-be- white-black people singing that same old tired tune. If anyone seems to cry "victim" it's YOU. Historically Whites have victimized and have gotten away with it with not so much as a slap on the wrist for far too long, and now when you are finally being held accountable for your ignorant and insidious behavior, you conviently shift blame as easily as you change the channels using your remote control. I know you wish this would all but Go away quickly,sorry,not this time.. Granted African Americans
have a responsibility to clean up our own communities, and some of us have been doing that very thing for many years contrary to popular belief.
The averaged concerned Parent/Citizen who work passionately behind the scene will NEVER get TV or National exposure of the many Boycottings and Record/CD burning protests, those ARE NOT NEWS WORTHY..So for all you uniformed people who feel that we are being hypocritical, educate yourselves first, step outside of your comfort zone by making yourselves useful therefore positively influencing someone elses life. But Please dont confuse the issue, two wrongs have never made anything right! This isnt about Sharpton, Jackson or anyone else who has/had the intestinal fortitude to stand up for what is right. This is about very ignorant and insenitive comments made by some ignorant and insentitive white man, who obviously felt justified in saying what he felt was "HIP HOP" Not!! The only thing left to say is One down and a Billion more to go!!

At 11:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

WELL WELL! IT IS JUST PLAIN RACISM THAT I SEE IN THESE POSTS! LOOKS LIKE THE SAME RACISTS THAT TRIED TO GET O.J. AND MICHAEL JACKSON, ARE NOW OUT TO GET POOR LOUIS FARAKAHN, JESSEE JACKSON, AND AL SHARPTON. HAHAHAAH! isn't everyone sick of the bigots like farakahn and sharpton and jessie out there whining and applying their double standard to every situation that comes up! i don't know a white person with an i.q. over 40 that gives a damn what this bunch of two face bigots thinks about anything. we white people should boycott the companies that pulled the plug on imus.

At 11:55 AM, Anonymous David said...

Granted African Americans
have a responsibility to clean up our own communities, and some of us have been doing that very thing for many years contrary to popular belief

Oh, please! The only things blacks are good for is breaking the law, making illegitimate babies and blaming all their problems on racially-superior whites.


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