Monday, April 16, 2007

Islamic cleric may have advocated terrorism as the states moved toward the toughest classification laws ever seen in Australia

Charles Miranda:

State Attorneys-General endorsed Federal Government moves to change classification laws so as to ban books and DVDs that glorified terrorism.

Federal Attorney-General Philip Ruddock proposed the amendment so as to take a "zero tolerance" stance on material advocating a terrorist act.

As revealed by The Daily Telegraph last week, the law was prompted by a PG-rated DVD by Liverpool-based sheik Feiz Mohammed from the Global Islamic Youth Centre who called on children to become soldiers of Islam and love martydom.

But it could be another public outburst by another sheik that may attract Commonwealth law enforcement interest.

Sheik Elhilaly this week called on Australian Muslims to join the trenches with Iran and fight the West - a comment Mr Ruddock said he needed legal advice on to see whether it breached any current criminal code or law.

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